Mountains and Movements

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Big Wheel
Mountains and Movements

74-80 Upper Tooting Road
London SW17 7PB
United Kingdom
February 29th, 2012 - March 17th, 2012
Opening: March 8th, 2012 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

12pm - 7pm Wed - Sun
installation, conceptual, modern, sculpture

Construction Gallery is a three-month pop-up creative hub in Tooting, showcasing locally-based talent across the fields of visual art, live art, music and literature. Through the generosity of the Mayor of London's Outer London Fund the main space plays host to ambitious large-scale sculpture with a further five project spaces dedicated to bringing together artists, writers, performers and designers to create new work for the public to explore.
We would like to invite you to the lively Private View that will launch several new works that include performance, music, and a flash-mob event.
Construction Gallery
Private View: Thursday 8 March 2012
7pm to 9pm
74 - 80 Upper Tooting Road, London SW17 7PB
Gallery open: 12 noon - 7 pm, Wednesday to Sunday
BBKP  Work in progress Big Wheel, Construction Gallery, London, 2012
The newly commissioned artworks in the exhibition employ historical references to comment on our current era of social and economic decline. With tongue in cheek humour, they employ fabrication methods from other industries; borrow structures from different social times; and represent ideologies to play with the rules and structures societies create for themselves. 
Installation artists BBKP bring their wry humour to the main space by setting out to build an impossible structure.  Each of the four artists will use their particular craft to repair and re-construct the other’s invention until they manage to create a working ‘Big Wheel’ in a space that doesn’t actually have the height for it.
Jonathan Trayner
Jonathan Trayner explores a sense of political futility in his staged democratic process to create a flag for the Construction Gallery that designates the building as a Temporary Autonomous Zone.  The design has been amalgamated from suggestions by members of the public, during artist workshops and in response to a public vote. Appropriating symbols from historical struggles, an unofficial flag is created, that is both shared and alien, waiting, for meaning to be instilled onto it by the audience.
PK Fiskulturnik
Performance Klub Fiskulturnik is a live art performance project inspired by Avant Guard soviet constructivism. Members of the public will be able to take part in a flash-mob style art event. The performance will draw on the aesthetic of suffragettes, socialist female workers, revolutionary monuments, mass calisthenics and Agit-prop in a celebration of International Women's Day.
Matthew James Kay
During his residency at the Construction Gallery Kay will explore  the absurdity behind the search for perfection as he attempts to build a mountain in the gallery’s project space. Using throw-away materials, Kay seeks to capture the immensity of the sublime and it’s inextricable relationship with the everyday and the mundane. 
Bronwen Buckeridge
Buckeridge’s Forgetting Babette, 2009/10 is a video based on Gabriel Axel’s 1987 film Babette’s Feast.  The film focuses in on abstracted details of the original work while the soundtrack is comprised of samples and found performances which reflect on the central themes of the original film. Her practice is an investigation into the modes and conventions of storytelling, that seeks to challenge and explore questions of memory, identity and location.
Helena Wee
A sound piece Strings (2005) by Helena Wee is inspired by the unseen patterns in the everyday rhythms, structures and movement of our lives. Strings is a deconstruction of the Prelude to Bach's Cello Suite No.1 using Fast Fourier Transform to randomly swap blocks of frequencies within the piece.