Virtual Ouroboros

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Virtual Ouroboros

191 - 205 Cambridge Heath Road
(entrance at rear on Buckhurst street)
London E2 0EL
United Kingdom
October 7th, 2011 - October 22nd, 2011
Opening: October 5th, 2011 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

tower hamlets
+44 (0)207 998 38 58
Fri-Sat 12-6 during exhibitions, and by appointment


Something is done that interrupts the continuity of another thing that relieves the situation from the condition of the generally experienced: Several things happen that produce too many or not enough outcomes. Precept and concept dance around and through an aggregate of both themselves and something else. The intervention is slight and bold. However, these categories are subjective. Just as brightness may be slyly dull, awaiting a corner. Grammar may go on holiday only to worry about work. 

The finitude of a clarified resolve, the thing, generates the eternal. Yet this is not arbitrary, and judgements must be entered. If it is made whole in a part of a whole how do YOU know where it is finished? If chopped up enough we wont be able to tell when it begins and paralysis takes hold. Perhaps though, in the very end, it can be seen floating in space, a perfect constant form, bulbous and smiling against the black waving back. 

The point at which an inspired phantom appears is paramount to the life of the object. This permits the object the ability to transgress standard fetish. Without a spirit born from imperceptible distances, we are left only with rough hands and full bellies. 

Nathan Barlex presents his continued adventures into the inconsistencies and delights of painting. Cross-pollinating folly, craft, rigour and rumour, he generates an organism of distinct proportions.