Frieze Talks 2011

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Frieze Talks 2011

Regent's Park
United Kingdom
October 13th, 2011 - October 16th, 2011

regent's park
+44 (0)20 3372 6111


Frieze Talks 2011, a daily programme of keynote lectures, panel debates and discussions, is presented by Frieze Foundation in collaboration with frieze magazine.

Access is included in the Frieze Art Fair admission ticket. Seats for each day’s talks can be individually booked at the auditorium from 12pm on the day.

Shooting Gallery: The Problems of Photographic Representation


Thursday 13 October 1.30pm

The relationship between photojournalism and ‘art photography’ is often strained and ambiguous. How do contemporary artists accept or reject the strategies of reportage, and to what effect?

  • Adam Broomberg (Artist, London)
  • Oliver Chanarin (Artist, London)
  • Taryn Simon (Artist, New York)
  • Chair: Christy Lange (Writer and Associate Editor, frieze)

The Luxury of Incommensurability


Thursday 13 October 4.30pm

Unlike politics and writing, art can hold in suspension different, even conflicting ideas, feelings and histories, without forcing us to choose between them. This capacity for incommensurability allows for experiences not socially recognised - as yet not named. Siegel presents a paper arguing that the most exciting form this takes today is painting, in which abstraction and representation intersect and interfere with each other, continuing the secret and long history of modern painting, obscured by decades of ideologically rigid art criticism.

  • Katy Siegel (Edior in Chief, Art Journal, Contributing Editor, Artforum and Professor of Art History, Hunter College, New York)

Do you speak English?


Friday 14 October 1.30pm

English has become the lingua franca of the art world, spoken by people of many nationalities from around the globe. Whose English then are we speaking, and how does its ambiguous status affect what we say?

  • Jennifer Allen (Writer, Lecturer and Editor, frieze d/e, Berlin)
  • Nana Oforiatta-Ayim (Writer, Filmmaker and Cultural Historian, London)
  • Adam Szymczyk (Director and Chief Curator, Kunsthalle, Basel)
  • Chair: Vincenzo Latronico (Writer and Translator, Milan)

Daniel Buren


Friday 14 October 4.30pm

In a career spanning 40 years, Daniel Buren has created art in public spaces, written critical texts and collaborated with artists from different generations. His work is always site specific and characterised by its use of contrasting coloured vertical stripes, most notably Two Planes (1986) for the courtyard of the Palais Royal, Paris. In 2011 he created work for Turner Contemporary Margate and was honoured with a retrospective at the Centre Pompidou-Metz. For Frieze Talks, Buren speaks about his approach to his work’s complex relationship to the space in which it is presented.

  • Daniel Buren (Artist, lives and works in situ)

John Bock in conversation with Franz Erhard Walther


Saturday 15 october 1.30pm

Since the early 1960s, Franz Erhard Walther has explored the possibilities of objects and images that prompt viewers to do something other than just look. Walther was an inspirational teacher at Hamburg’s Hochschule für Bildende Künste, and John Bock was one of his students. Bock’s work - in the spirit of Walther’s - transforms action, speech and everyday materials into complex installations. The two artists discuss the potential of doing things with - and amongst - art.

  • John Bock (Artist, Berlin)
  • Franz Erhard Walther (Artist, Fulda)

Adam Curtis


Saturday 15 October 4.30pm

Adam Curtis is an award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker who employs archival footage to explore ideas ranging from the interrelationship of science, politics and power, to the influence of psychology on public relations and advertising. His work includes The Power of Nightmares, The Century of the Self and The Mayfair Set. His most recent television series - All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace - examines, in his words, ‘how the way humans see the world has been colonised by machine ideas.’

  • Adam Curtis (Documentarian and Writer, London)

On Television


Sunday 16 October 1.30pm

Considering its engagement with visual culture, why hasn’t art responded to the rise of the complex television of the HBO era? Although many artists watch everything from Breaking Bad to 30 Rock, art tends to engage with trash television, not high-quality productions such as The Wire or Mad Men. Why, despite its huge cultural significance, does television not have a greater influence on contemporary art?

  • Jonty Claypole (Executive Producer, BBC Arts, London)
  • Melanie Glligan (Artist, London)
  • Timotheus Vermeulen (Writer and Lecturer, Groningen)
  • Chair: Aaron Schuster (Philosopher and Writer, Berlin)

Alison Knowles


Sunday 16 October 4pm

Alison Knowles was a founder member of Fluxus, the avant-garde group formed in 1962. She is known for her soundworks, installations, performances and publications, including many years of experimenting with the sculptural potential of the book - a reduced, minimal form of performance as well as explorations of live and recorded sound. For Frieze Talks she presents a series of short performance.

  • Alison Knowles (Artist, New York)