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Compendia, 4 November 2010 Mixed Various © Gift 10 VYNER ST
Curated by: Zulfqar Ali

10 Vyner Street
Bethnal Green
London, London E2 9DG
United Kingdom
November 4th, 2010 - November 12th, 2010
Opening: November 4th, 2010 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

vyner st.
0208 983 7896
Wed-Sun : 12-6, 1st Thurs : 6-9, or by appointment
mixed-media, digital, installation, modern, sculpture


Compendia, “to weigh or balance together” to celebrate unity from a diverse collection

Presenting new and established Gift artists: Elaine Wilson, Paula Chambers, Giorgio Tentolini and Zachary Eastwood-Bloom.  A concise, comprehensive compilation of new works by four international artists.

Following the success of her 10th solo show earlier this year at Gift, Elaine Wilson is back showing new editions of ‘Don’t Touch!’ alongside her publication ‘Mirror’.  Wilson centers on exploring the possible applications of ceramics within contemporary art.  Examining received notions of female identity and challenging our interpretations, she uses the language and tradition of ornamental sculpture and lulls us with its decorative beauty.  However, the delicate fragility of the figurine contrasts with her gun-wielding sense of defensive, angry emotion. With an MA from the Royal Academy London, Elaine has been awarded notable bursaries and residencies, including the Norma Lipman Bursary, The Fergusson Travel Bursary (Italy) and the EKWC residency in Holland.

Portraying the antithesis of a mother’s maternal ideals, Paula Chambers uses objects that represent childhood, subverting their preconceived associations by replacing elements with unexpected or unusual materials.  With an underlying sense of somberness and dark wit, her installations involve sculpture, knitting and text, along with objects she has collected, to challenge fixed definitions of art and culturally assigned roles of women and motherhood. A prolific sculptor with a Masters in Feminism and Art History and BA (Hons) in Fine Art and Printmaking, she currently teaches at Leeds College of Art and Design among other institutions.  Her latest work ‘Dioramas’ are now showing at 20/21 Gallery and she is working towards a solo exhibition with Gift in 2011.

Giorgio Tentolini’s installations explore image through the interplay of projected light and shadow. Deconstructed photographs are reformed though fragments of light and shadow, like a ghost or memory of their original form.  His chosen source subjects, like the trees that have since been felled and forgotten, exist only within the realm of light, an intangible image that is realised by the viewer’s perception. Tentolini studied graphic design at the Art Institute of Parma P. Toschi and holds an MA in design and communication from the Università del Progetto in Reggio Emilia.  Tentolini also lectures at the Lifesaver of Parma agency. Giorgio and Zachary Eastwood-Bloom will exhibit exclusively together at Gift in July 2011.

Zachary Eastwood-Bloom’s work is a constant examination of the possibilities generated by shapes and forms. Inspired by architectural structures, geometric abstraction and the subtleties of everyday interactions, he creates pure spatial poems as he tones, deepens or ascends shape and form. Zachary holds an MA from The Royal College of Arts and regularly shows internationally and in the UK.  Most recently at the London Design Festival and Crafts Council Touring Exhibition and later this month as part of the Gift 2010 Show.