Strange Bedfellows 1&2

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Burlesque performer Fever Blister in her LA kitchen, 2009 Los Angeles Photography 20x16 © Ginger Liu
Strange Bedfellows 1&2
Curated by: SUE GOLDEN

8 Silver Place, Soho
London W1F 0JU
United Kingdom
October 6th, 2010 - November 19th, 2010
Opening: October 6th, 2010 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM



Ginger Liu GLIU

Exhibiting photographers in part 2 showing from November 2nd.

Ilya van Marle & Ginger Liu - Judah Passow & Karan Kapoor - Sukey Parnell & Julie Cook - George Kavanagh & Sebastian Rich - Annett Reimer & Emily Graham - Michal Iwanowski & Frank Herholdt - Nino Gehrig & Sebastian Rich

Strange Bedfellows 1 - October 2010

Artist Sue Golden has curated a photographic art exhibition for LPA/Gallery 1839 opening in Soho, London early October. In this exhibition, called Strange Bedfellows, the tapestry of life is exposed with all its complexities. Here the everyday contrasts with the enigmatic and exceptional, the obvious with the unusual. What’s particular in this presentation is the questions the image groupings provoke - what does a beguiling hybrid feline Tokyo Sphinx cat have to do with a Korean man dressed as a female British noblewoman? Perhaps a commonality of isolated lives…

Strange Bedfellows is a contemporary, eclectic mix of international photographers’ images. Golden has utilised her work experience, artistic perception and a ‘catholic’ eye in choosing a diverse range of images and combinations. Extensive research was undertaken from the sites resulting in a striking conceptual show that relates to the highs and lows of modern times: the contrasts and disparities, the illusions and realities, the unconventional and the ordinary.

All the photographs have been chosen from the fine art, commercial, established and up-and-coming photographers’ collections at theLondon Photographic Association and Gallery 1839.

Exhibiting photographers in part 1

Chan Hyo Bae - Alissa Alberne - Georgina McNamara - Lydia Goldblatt - Lea Golda Holterman - Claudio Rasano - David Knight - John Ferguson - Sophia Wallace - Darlaine Honey - Sue Golden - Chris Bucher  - Alessandro Saponi - Russ Quackenbush

Strange Bedfellows is in 2 parts taking the exhibition/s through to mid November.