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The White Coast, 2009 Oil On Canvas 92 X 73 Cm
Model, 2008 Oil On Canvas 100 X 70 Cm
Domes, 2009 Oil On Canvas 60 X 70 Cm
White Town, 2009 Oil On Canvas 60 X 70cm
Contemporary Icons Oil On Canvas From 30 X 40 Cm To 200 X 220 Cm © Eugenie Absalom
Igor Panchenko,Nudes by Tamara Jovandic-Everson,Artemis sculpture by Philip Firsov © Eugenie Absalom
Monoprints by Lucy Freud: "Cambodia & Transition", Sculpture by Philip Firsov: "Woman Cello" Sculpture Mahogany And Pine Wood Monoprints: 98x 72 Cm © Eugenie Absalom
Dasha Astafieva Text Image, 2010 Print On Canvas A1 And A2 © Eugenie Absalom
Fatality (Brown's Hotel Pianocrash), 2009 Print On Canvas A1 © Pianocrasher
Black and White (Anastasia Volochkova Concert Pianocrash), 2009 Print On Canvas A2 © Pianocrasher
Vase, 2006 Acrylic, Rocks On Canvas 90 X 90 Cm © Eugenie Absalom
Painting For The Bedroom, 2002 Oil On Canvas 90 X 105 Cm © Eugenie Absalom
Auburn (Tuttti Frutti series), 2010 Oil On Board, Wooden Frame 33 X 28 Cm © Eugenie Absalom
Tutti Frutti Still Lifes, 2010 Oil On Board, Wooden Frames 33 X 28 Cm 55 X 47cm © Eugenie Absalom
One Sun For All Religions Oil On Canvas © Eugenie Absalom

30 Royal Opera Arcade
Pall Mall
London SW1Y 4UY
United Kingdom
July 21st, 2010 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

10.00 - 19.00
art event, contemporary art, art fair, charity art event, international contemporary art exhibit, photography, mixed-media, digital, graffiti/street-art, conceptual, pop, figurative, modern, sculpture




Charity Art Night

UNIQUE Art Gallery

Art Auction and Live Entertainment 

Wednesday   21 st July  2010

7pm - 10pm

One off exclusive art show of 150 paintings, sculptures, prints, monoprints and photographs by 15 international artists from Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Russia, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina is in full swing at Unique Art Gallery, 595 King’s Road, SW6 2EL.
Walera Martynchik,   Pianocrasher,   Lucy Freud,   Olga Yukhtina-Georghegan,   Igor Panchenko,    Zina Bercovici,   Tamara Jovandic-Everson,   Philip Firsov,   Keith Krzywicki,    Iulia Filipovscaia,   Sonya Radan,   Sue Weston  and  Mandii Pope    

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 Organised by Salon Art Bizarre in association with Unique Art Gallery the show brought together creative talent from around the globe.
It caters for variety of tastes and demonstrates eclectic mix of styles, contemporary art techniques, media and subject matter. Emerging talent goes hand in hand with established artists, whose works can be found in private art collections in Europe and overseas.
 One of the highlights of the show is Russian Underground art by London painter from Belarus Walera Martynchik.  His bright and colourful contemporary iconography is charged with energy and it reflects Complexity through simple and eternal spiritual values and saint-like poses of his amazing Madonnas.  Martynchik display is the centre point of exposition.  It boasts 28 of his art works – paintings and ceramic stoneware sculptures.

SUMMER CONTEMPORARY has its own surprises in stock.   Acoustic Graffiti Arts by Pianocrasher (Oleg Lapidus and Eugenie Absalom) and Oleg’s brand new art work - Text Image of Dasha Astafieva, made out of the actual text of his personal correspondence with Ukranian pop singer, super model and Playboy’s 55th Anniversary Playmate Dasha Astafieva (January 2009) is an interesting addition to the conceptual aspect of the art show.

Unparalleled oil technique of Russian portrait painter Olga Yukhtina-Georghehan and dynamic brushstrokes of Sergei Inkatov from Tallinn are shining through the three foor art display.
Estonian artist of Azerbaijanian origin Sergei Inkatov created a new language of plastic expression that is so personal and singular that it is unmistakable. Striking bold brushwork, vivid, sensual colours, universal shapes and perfect composition make his art immediately recognisable.  Eastern cultural roots stamp his work with mystery in the eyes of a European.  His painting is conditioned by a festive philosophy of life.  All his art works represent a colourful, romantic legend in which one finds the sun, the sea, the passion, love and joy of living.

Abstract monoprints by Lucy Freud (great granddaughter of Sigmund Freud the Psychoanalyst and the third child of Lucian Freud and Katherine McAdam) are full of creative spirit and unique vision of reality. “The Cambodia series of monoprints that I made were inspired by my recent travels around Thailand and Cambodia.  I tried to incorporate the freedom that I felt together with all that I had experienced: my encounters with the elephants, my stay in a monastery with the monks and my experience of meditation, the beauty of the orchids, the scenery with its mountains and waterfalls, the peacefulness of rafting down the rivers.  I wanted to incorporate all this together with the finale of my travels, my time spent in Cambodia, Siem Reap and being so inspired at Angkor, touching on another world, another time.”

Originality of Igor Panchenko’s (Abkhazia) creative method is well presented in three of his art works at SUMMER CONTEMPORARY: Painting For The Bedroom, Annabel Lee (oil on canvas) and Vase (acrylic, rocks on canvas).

Fine Art Photographer from Canada Sue Weston totally amazes visitors with extra rich, velvety colours and razor sharp edges of her photographs, producing a type of fusion between photography and painting.  Her limited edition photographs are printed on museum quality 100% cotton canvas, utilizing archival aqueous pigments.  Each canvas is then coated with UV, water and abrasion protection which guarantees generations of colour accuracy and preservation.

Exclusive rich style of Romanian artist Zina Bercovici (Haifa) draws a lot of well deserved attention from SUMMER CONTEMPORARY visitors.  Zina is using a variety of painting techniques. Her speciality is big layers of fabric that gives her opportunity to express her restless feelings and ideas. Her creations reflect spontaneity, puzzlement and imaginary spaces.  She creates from within inspired by her optimistic soul and her paintings radiate talent and affection.  Oil painting “One Sun For All Religions” is the artist’s hymn to the Sun, humanity and peace.

Young British artist with Russian roots Philip Firsov is represented by three of his oil paintings and three sculptures, Artemis being the most original of his art works in the show.  This Constructivist midget woman made out of spark plugs and chains aspires to be a perplexing modern day Terminator that is shooting an invisible bow.  “Like Vrubel's hoax painting of a podgyBogatyr, ridiculing Vasnetsov's Romantic painting "The Three Bogatyris,” I am spoofing Russian classicism by classically emulating Titian's Diana and Actaeon and the Mosaics at Piazza Armerinain Sicily that depicts athletic Roman girls.” Artemis is covered in blue pigment likewise ironically spoofing, because of its obsessively intricate construction, the use of pigment in the minimalist work of Anish Kapoor.

SUMMER CONTEMPORARY Fulham Art Fair also includes Mandii Pope – Kiwi pop artist living in London; abstract painter Keith Krzywicki who’s ecological art series is full of bright amazingcolours and optimistic interpretation of the Environment theme; Elena Henshaw – Oxford based Russian artist.  Her beautifully framed Tutti Frutti still lifes are appealing to lots of visitors; artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina – Tamara Jovandic-Everson with her peculiar female Nudes and Sonya Radan with her stylised romantic oils.  Sonya Radan work was shortlisted for the recent  Annya Sand Eastern Prize at the Russian Eastern and Oriental Fine Art Fair in Park Lane Hotel, Mayfair.

SUMMER CONTEMPORARY art show is open every day 11am – 7pm, Sundays – by appointment.  Closing art sale is on 24th – 26th July 2010.

Unique Art Gallery, 595 King’s Road, Fulham, SW6 2EL
For more information, tickets and images please, contact Eugenie Absalom
E-mail: Tel: 020 73700464 Mob: 07940 452228