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Can't Speak © Yosifu
Curated by: Yu-Jen Lin

3 Torrens Street
London, Islington EC1V 1NQ
United Kingdom
June 9th, 2010 - June 13th, 2010
Opening: June 9th, 2010 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

0207 837 4237
University of Arts London Taiwanese Society (UALTWS)
Art/Fashion/Culture digital installation installation, video-art, modern
Admission Free


Ban-Doh @ FORMOSA” exhibition has invited Taiwanese artists and designers to be the contributors to this feast. With no pre-set topic, the exhibition provides great flexibility to allow creativity to flourish. Through this platform, we hope to promote and inspire originality amongst creators and invigorate the interaction between the organisers, exhibitors and the public. As an important milestone, the UALTWS is launching the first exhibition in London with the festive season beginning from the 9-13th of June 2010 at Candid Arts Trust, London.

UALTWS and the FORMOSA team have invited 6 prominent judges from different areas of art and design industry, including professional exhibition curators, visual director, and fashion critic, to examine and appraise those submitted artworks. Working with more than 200 art works from nearly a hundred artists, the artwork selected consists of a variety of visual arts, illustration, photography, digital arts, space arts, architectural works, industrial design showpieces as well as chic clothing and jewelry fashion. Fourthermore, there are 3 forums with artists during the exhibition:

Talk 1. the 10th June. 6:30pm - 8pm
fashion designers insight - by fashion designer Johan Ku and Mei-Hui Liu

A rare chance to meet new shinning Taiwanese fashion design talents Johan Ku and Mei-Hui Liu. They will have a conversation between two emerging designers in front of public, to share their precious inside mind of creation, experience and knowledge of facing industry challenge.
Johan Ku Design Studio:
Victim Fashion St :

Talk 2. the 12th June. 3pm - 4:30pm
artists open air - hosted by Craig Kao

Craig & all attendant artists will talk and discuss the learning & experiencing behind exhibition artwork creation. It's an creative practitioner open talk hosted by Craig Kao, who is a London based professional artist, freelance writer for UK Chinese Newspaper (英中時報), ARTITUDE Magazine (藝外), and correspondent journalist. (Chinese verison)

Talk 3. the 12th June. 4:30pm - 6pm
The great creative experience after college - by Ryan Lee, Chief of EntaMedia

UALTWS and the FORMOSA team would like to pay special thanks to all the artists and designers who have participated in this project and give special thanks to our sponsors: Sheng Yu Property, Taipec Ltd, Singtax, Our Travel as well as Ziloufs cocktail bar & The Lu’s tea company for providing complimentary flavoured tea-infused cocktail concoctions for the event. We would like to offer our extended thanks to the Culture and Press division of Taipei Representative Office in the U.K. for their expert guidance during the development of this project, to PDAetc for their profound involvement and co-organisation, to the London Global Times for their media support and the collaboration of jotta and University of Arts London Students’ Union, without you the project would not have been where it is today. Thank you!