We at Camden Arts Centre are Exceedingly Proud to Present an Exhibition of Capable Artworks by the Notable Hand of the Celebrated American\, Kara Elizabeth Walker\, Negress.


< span style="font-size: small\;">Acclaimed African-American artist\, Kara Wa lker (b. 1969) \;presents her room-size tableaux of black cut-paper sil houettes and intricate shadow works which critically explore America's unde rlying racial and gender tensions. They address the highly-charged themes o f power\, repression\, violence\, history and sexuality. Over the autumn mo nths\, Walker fills Camden Arts Centre&rsquo\;s galleries with the process of her art &ndash\; from large scale graphite drawings and video to new cut paper pieces which will be produced on-site.


Connecting all of Walker's work is an examination of power. Through characters drawn from American po pular literature\, culture and history\, \;her art exposes the darker a spects of human behaviour and the continuing power struggles at play. Curre ntly researching the white supremacist movement in the US\, her new works a re peopled with characters from both past and contemporary history\, mergin g historical documents of slavery with more recent racial tensions.< /p>\n

Walk er&rsquo\;s exhibition at Camden Arts Centre will bring together two import ant bodies of recent work. Her Niggerati series of large graphite drawings\, conceived as book covers for unwritten essays and works of ficti on\, investigate pivotal transitions in black American history and the miss ing narratives of the black migration. Shown alongside the video installati on of her challenging shadow play Fall Frum Grace- Miss Pipi&rsquo\;s B lue Tale and other new works\, including her &lsquo\;wall samplers&rsq uo\;\, wall mounted paper cut outs with mini narratives featuring &lsquo\;C ivil War Revisionists and Savages&rsquo\;\, the exhibition is an exciting o pportunity for a British audience to engage with Walker&rsquo\;s thought-pr ovoking works.


Please note that over the festive season we will be closed 24 - 26 December\, 31 December &\; \;1 January.

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