Gagosian Gallery is pleased to present “Detached\,” an exhibition of new sculpture by Rachel Whiteread. Her title calls by name the process of abstracting or distantiating from reality tha t is an intrinsic part of the artistic process.

Whiteread’s sculpture is predicated on casting pr ocedures\, and the traces left on the sacrificial objects and spaces from w hich the final inverse form is derived. She casts from everyday objects as well as from the space beneath or around furniture and architecture\, using single materials such as rubber\, dental plaster\, and resin to record eve ry nuance.  Detached 1\, Detached 2\, and Detached 3< /em> (2012) render the empty interior of a garden shed in concrete and stee l. Cast from generic wooden sheds\, the large-scale sculptures render negat ive space into solid form\, and the prosaic into something fantastically di squieting.  The sheds recall the monolithic architectural and site-specific works for which Whiteread first became renowned\, such as Ghost ( 1990) and House (1993) and\, most recently\, the imposing concrete sculpture Boathouse (2010)\, installed on the water’s edge in the remote Nordic landscape of Røykenviken.


Circa 1665 (I) (2012)\ , LOOK\, LOOK\, LOOK (2012) and Loom (2012) belong to a n ew series cast from doors and windows in delicate shades of rose\, eau-de-n il\, or steely resin.  In their watery thickness\, the effects of changing light and shadow become implicit\, subjective dimensions as the sculptures glow with absorbed and reflected light. Propped against or affixed to walls to mimic the serviceable object\, the uncanny imitations—detached from the ir usual function—become repositories of memory and meaning\, containing pa lpable traces of their individual pasts. Referring to large-scale\, serial resin works such as Untitled (Floor) (1994) and One Hundred Sp aces (1995)\, their translucent bulk at once objectifies and negates t he minute detail and incident of otherwise invisible amplitudes.


Whitere ad’s works on paper reveal the intention of the artist’s hand rather than t he found histories of the sculptural work. Untitled (Amber) (2012) and Untitled (Green) (2012) are diminutive cardboard construction s mounted on graphite-marked notepaper\, painted with silver leaf to form t iny\, imperfect monuments complete with celluloid “windows” that refer to t he resin sculptures.  Similarly\, the “mixografia” prints Squashed (2010) are richly textured renderings of found crushed tin cans.  These or ganic constructions also reflect Whiteread’s preoccupations—presence and vo id\, the textures of life and history\, and the traces of human ubiquity.  In three vitrines entitled Some are abject objects (I\, II\, III) (2013) found objects\, sometimes extremely humble\, are coupled with small casts and maquettes to provide a glimpse of her inspirations and studio pro cesses.

Rachel Whiteread was born in London in 1963. She studied painting at Bri ghton Polytechnic from 1982–85 and sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Ar t from 1985–87. She won the Turner Prize in 1993. Her work has been exhibit ed internationally in many solo and group exhibitions including the British Pavilion at the 47th Venice Biennale (1997)\, “Rachel Whiteread\,” Serpent ine Gallery\, London (2001\, traveled to Scottish National Gallery of Moder n Art\, Edinburgh)\; “Transient Spaces\,” Deutsche Guggenheim\, Berlin (200 1\, traveled to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum\, New York through 2002)\; Kunsthaus Bregenz\, Austria (2005)\; MADRE\, Naples (2007)\; Museum of Fin e Arts\, Boston (2009)\; and “Rachel Whiteread: Drawings\,” Hammer Museum\, Los Angeles (2010\, traveled to Nasher Sculpture Center\, Dallas and Tate Britain). Notable public commissions include House (1993)\, Water Tower (Ne w York\, 1998)\, Monument (London\, 2001)\, and Embankment at Tate Modern T urbine Hall (2005). In 1996 she received the controversial commission for H olocaust Memorial at the Judenplatz in Vienna\, which she completed in 2000 .

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