Ran dom International: Rain Room

\n4 October 2012 - 3 March 2013
The Curve
Adm ission Free


Vi ew gallery opening hours

Open daily 11am - 8pm\; Thu until 10pm\; 1 Jan 12-8pm (last admission to the queue approximately two hours before c losing)

Current queuing time approx 3 hours< br />
It is possible that you may get wet especially if wearing dark clothing

Flat shoes are advisable

subject to availability


Random Internatio nal invites you to experience what it’s like to control the rain. Visitors can choose to simply watch the spectacle or find their way careful ly through the rain\, putting their trust in the work to the test.
More than the technical virtuosity necessary for its success\, the piec e relies on a sculptural rigour\, with the entire Curve transformed by the monumental proportions of this carefully choreographed downpour and the sou nd of water.

Random International are known for their distincti ve approach to digital-based contemporary art. Their experimental artworks come alive through audience interaction and staged performance.

Random International are represented by Carpenters Workshop Gallery\, Lond on and Paris.

In order for visitors to enjoy the sensor y experience of Rain Room\, there is a limited capacity of 5 people  at a time in the rain.

Please be aware that du e to the popularity of Rain Room\, the queue time currently stands a t around two hours\, at peak times including evenings and weekends up to th ree hours.

We advise visitors to arrive as early in the day as p ossible\, a minimum of two hours before closing time. Entry to the queue is subject to the number of visitors already waiting. Anyone arriving later m ay not be allowed to join the queue as we are unable to admit visitors afte r the gallery closes. Thank you for your patience.

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