Oskar Laffont’s idiosyncratic drawings show London at a time when Mankin d no longer exists\, and the city has been reclaimed by nature. It is both beautiful and menacing.

Animals are everywhere\, and they have taken control. They mimic our own behavioural traits. Laffont says that we have a need to give meaning to th e behaviour of animals by making reference to our own.

Graphic novels are important to this seri es. But they are also inspired by the work of Hogarth and Goya. It is\, he says\, an ode to London\, and a warning that our highly valued culture is d oomed. Contemporary society and its history\, and the problems we have with it\, are meaningless when met with a greater force.

Oskar Laffont is a Mexican artist and filmm aker. He graduated with a Masters from the London Film School. He is the Wr iter/Director of the forthcoming feature film\, "Heaven Come Dawn/Ciela Aba jo"\, which stars Brendan Gleeson\, Carmen Salinas and Manuel Ojeda. He was the youngest director to be introduced to the Guild of Great Britain (2009 ). He was the Co-founder and Director of Khoda 11:11 Productions A.C. in Me xico (2013).

He lives and works in London.

T he drawings in the exhibition were produced in the summer of 2012 by Oskar Laffont\, as Artist in Residence at the Ten Bells of Spitalfields. LOCATION:Fred [London] LTD\,17 Riding House Street \nLondon\, W1W 7DSUnited Kingdom SUMMARY:The London Project\, Oskar Laffont END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR