Josh Lilley is pleased to announce the opening of Something New \, a group show featuring\; Analia Saban\, Belen Rodriguez Gonzalez\, Chris tof Mascher\, Gabriel Hartley\, Marita Fraser\, Nicholas Hatfull\, Nick Gos s\, Robert Pratt and Ruairiadh O’Connell.


The exhibition provides galler y and associated artists\, with the opportunity to present new works unatta ched from the rigours of a specific thematic. In many cases\, the works inc luded are clearly linked by interests in materiality\, process\, and an att raction to the visceral. Colour\, form\, and a generosity of expression are constants throughout. However the impetus comes more from a desire to brin g together certain artists into one context\, rather than exploring a speci fic style\, vision\, or empathy within their respective practices. Many of the artists studied together in the past\, or have maintained friendships s ince. Such a show allows new dialogues to be explored by each of them\, giv ing the audience also a renewed insight into their works.

LOCATION:Josh Lilley Gallery\,44-46 Riding House Street \nLondon\, W1W 7EXU nited Kingdom SUMMARY:Something New\, Marita Fraser\, Belen Rodriguez Gonzalez\, Nick Gos s\, Gabriel Hartley\, Nicholas Hatfull\, Christof Mascher\, Ruairiadh O'Con nell\, Robert Pratt\, Analia Saban END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR