FAQ – Claiming an Artist Profile & Multiple Profile Names

The ArtSlant contemporary art network is designed to create an historical database of exhibitions and events, connecting and archiving the activities of artists, galleries, and art professionals. This network is a tremendous reference for galleries, museums, artists, curators, and other arts professionals, as well as collectors and buyers.


I found my ArtSlant Profile through Google. How did my name get entered into ArtSlant?

Whenever a gallery, museum, curator, artist or other individual enters an exhibition or event into the ArtSlant system, there is a record created that links the relevant artist(s), venue(s), exhibtion(s), and event(s).

Each newly added artist and venue receives an ArtSlant Profile page which is searchable by Google and other search engines. The Profile page archives the exhibition data, linking together the artist, venue, and event.


How to claim an existing Profile with your name:

You may already be in the ArtSlant database. If you find a Profile listed under your name, you can claim the Profile for free, creating an ArtSlant Account which will allow you to edit and add information to the Profile. 

First, make sure the Profile is you (sometimes artists have the same name).

If the Profile is indeed you, you can take control of it by clicking Click here to claim your profile in the right sidebar. Follow the prompts. 


I tried to claim my Profile but there is no "Click here to claim your profile" option. What do I do?

The click here to claim your profile link disappears when someone has claimed the Profile already. If you have multiple Artslant User IDs check to see if you've claimed your Profile previously under a different login. If not, and you think your gallery or someone else has claimed your profile and you would like control of it, please contact us. Be sure to include your User ID in your email to us.

The click here to claim your profile link also disappears if you have already claimed one Profile to prevent people from claiming Profiles that aren't theirs.


There are multiple profiles in ArtSlant with my name. What do I do?

Sometimes artists or other arts professionals find multiple Profiles in the ArtSlant network under slight variations or misspellings of their name. This occurs when galleries, curators, or other artists enter information about exhibitions into the network using a variation of an artist's name.

For example, "Pablo Picasso" and "Picasso," or "Joan Miro" and "Joan Miró," might exist as two separate Profiles.

If this has happened with your name, please contact us for assistance in merging the two Profiles.


ArtSlant has shutdown. The website is currently running in a view-only mode to allow archiving of the content.

The website will be permanently closed shortly, so please retrieve any content you wish to save.