Special Edition: Frieze London - Anton Godard

Anton Godard, Forest Nymph, 2011, acrylic on canvas, h: 9.5 feet, w: 4.5 feet, d: 9 inches.


Anton Godard

In 1988 Anton Godard's first “hybrid” painting/sculpture series emerged in both concept and use of materials. The finished sculpture resembled a Willem DeKooning woman raised from the flat plane into real space. Beginning in 2010, his desire to continue exploring dimensional relief gave rise to the current body of work that is a combination of many years of exploration in visual composing, merging concept and materials in unique ways. Here the flat plane of portrait, depicting the elegance of the female form, is set within a 3-dimensional relief – where portrait once again gives way to real space. These “hybrid” paintings represent a contemporary approach to traditional painting. Godard inserts magic, myth, and mystery into his paintings. Forest Nymph will be representing Earth in a future installation project that depicts the four elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.