Special Edition: Frieze London - Gisela Zimmermann

Gisela Zimmermann, Samsara V, mixed media, 47 x 40 in.


Gisela Zimmermann

Gisela Zimmermann's paintings are full of strong, bold colors, and a drive for experimentation. The artist draws her inspiration from her childhood and memories of her youth in Germany and  life and travels in Morocco. Her inspirations stem from the shapes and colors of nature. Zimmermann paints on canvas, hardboard, wood, plexiglass, aluminum and metal and uses acrylic, oil, fillers and various ingredients. She has exhibited internationally, most recently in a solo exhibition at New Art Center in New York, as well as shows at Finissage Galerie in Zurich, Galerie Böhner in Germany, with the VENEZIA PROJECT 2011 in Venice, Galerie64 Atelier in France, KunstForumInternational in Switzerland, and the Camden Art Gallery in London.