La Transition

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La Transition

Hybrid Digital

© Philippe Sauvie


This image is part of an ongoing dialogue with a painting that has fascinated me for quite some time...Henri Matisse's "Joy of Life" from the Barnes Foundation. For years and years I would see this work published in book after book and I knew it only in black and white. I would read of its importance in the history of modern art and howl Pablo Picasso responded to it by painting what is considered by many the most influential painting of the 20th century... The Demoiseles.

About 15 years ago, the Barnes decided to allow the picture to be published in color. So much of my work is about how artists are exposed to famous works of art via the print media and how so much of the artistic response to these works as print items are affected by what publishers and so called 'experts'  say about a work or how the work is printed. My response here is to reconstitute the work given what I know about the work and what influenced Matisse, namely Cezanne's "Large Bathers". I have sampled from both and changed the composition of both images, visually reconstituting those pictures as well as adding new gestures new textures new feelings about how both artworks make me feel and where the artist 'could have' gone. I have also integrated photography into the work as well in order to better let my concerns be felt.

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La Transition
Hybrid Digital
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Mixed Media
Philippe Sauvie
landscape, pop, conceptual, graffiti/street-art, digital, mixed-media, photography, modern, figurative, surrealism, flowers, blue, life, joy, Matisse, garden, Eden, pastoral, monet, impressionist, hockney