Angelina: The Green Stripe

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Angelina: The Green Stripe

Digital Hybrid

© Philippe Sauvie


This work is another one of a series of digital hybrid images but I would label derivatives. In this case I start with a woman from popular culture, Angelina Jolie. A woman known for painting her face and who wears many masks. I have sculpted the form, a mask if you would from another famous painting, another famous woman who's face was painted by her husband. Henri Matisse painted his wife and divided her face down the middle with a green stroke of paint, thus the green stripe. In addition, I found another image it seemed somehow exotic, a cross between a painting and a tattoo and digitally shredded it like a veil over her face. I was also aware of  de Kooning and his women and his need to have a realistic mouth that for him was important as a point of interest. The verbiage around the image of Angelina Jolie will mean different things to different people depending on their opinions. The words Vanity Fair have been texturized by me as a close up of the kind of textures that I create when I work in traditional media before starting a painting. This, I consider a kind of homage to all of the paintings that I've read about in the comment that read something like and the painter left an area of canvas bare and somehow it works.

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Angelina: The Green Stripe
Digital Hybrid
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Technology & Digital Art
Philippe Sauvie
Matisse, angelina jolie, postmodern, the green stripe, vanity fair, graffiti, tattoo, pop art, pop, expressionism, magazine