Sunset In A Sunset

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Sunset In A Sunset

21.5 x 25 x 2 inches
© 2007

Price: $375.00

"Sunset In A Sunset" is merely the result of my fascination for sunsets.  The very first painting I ever created was a simple sunset on an 8" x 10" canvas.  I was sitting in on my friend's art lesson when the instructor suggested I paint too as long as I was there, and handed me a canvas, a brush, and began laying out dollops of paint.  Of course, he guided me throught the process, but the strokes and blending of colors were all my doing.  I remember that evening after getting home.  I would continually pick up the small canvas and tell myself, "I can paint!"  That year I completed over 150 paintings, many only to be viewed by me, but a career had begun.

Whenever I sit and observe a sunset numerous things cross my mind, and just as many emotions.  There's a peace that falls over me...  another day has passed.  But with that passing a new day will emerge.  A day that will afford the opportunity to start fresh, correct any previous wrongs, establish new goals, and replace the old with the new.  I'm always calm and relaxed during my observation of a sunset.  The magnitude of the event helps me realize there's a massive production going on in the universe and I can choose to be one of the actors.  Not only can I portray a role in the production, I can create and develop that role.  It's challenging to determine what that role should role be, and even more demanding to remain true to the role once I know.

I find a sunset a stimulous for reflection, for self-evaluation, and most of all, a stimulous to put my life in the proper perspective. 

"Sunset In A Sunset" enabled me to apply some geometric form to my two sunsets.  I marked the lined areas with special artist tape over guesso to define a sharp line.  Both sunsets are thinned with water to facilitate the blending of colors.   

 -This painting is professionally framed-



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Sunset In A Sunset
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21.5 x 25 x 2 inches
yellow, red, Sky, beauty, sun, sunset