Metamorphosis II

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Metamorphosis II

Oil on canvas
68 x 48 x 2 3/4 inches
© Patricia Araujo


San Francisco's Old Emporium is located at 5th Street, between Market and Mission Streets. The classical façade that survived the 1906 earthquake and the glorious rotunda, by which shoppers browsed underneath was called the “greatest mercantile building in the world”, when it opened in 1896. The Emporium was a cultural crossroads for decades by Bay Area residents who met under the dome.

What I discovered at the Old Emporium, as the construction site was evolving on Mission Street, I was manifested by the fantastic dome’s exterior. I would have never been able to see this dome from its exterior, if demolition had not been attempted. Since the beginning of 2004, I have observed several phases of the construction. The dome is the main architectural element conserved. It has been intriguing to observe the dome suspended by bars and elevated to 60 feet off the original ground level. I have reflected on ancient dome structures, of how they were built, and the careful detail and function of support. It has been a marvelous gift to meet this dome and share it with San Francisco’s cityscape. I am pleased to observe a building’s metamorphosis, still preserving a 20th century beauty into contemporary time.

Metamorphosis II, is a second attempt in the working series devoted to the Old Emporium building site, the glorious structure under a nuclear, emerald-green sky. It is an uplifting moment for the dome, as it seems to rise off the ground, similar to a spaceship. Various windows in color offer imaginary arrival into the infinite.

Metamorphosis II is featured in Patricia's book entitled, SOMA SEEN, published in 2008. This painting has also been published in International Contemporary Masters 2010 Vol. III, World Wide Art Books, January 2010. Metamorphosis II is also published in "International Dictionary of Artists", by World Wide Art Books, 2011.
Metamorphosis II was showcased during Aqua Art Miami, in December 2010, part of Artslant's Selected Limited Editions & Golden Globe Exhibition.
This painting sold in 2011.
Most recently Metamphosis II was selected in Art Takes Times Square Billboard Premiere in conjunction with ArtistsWanted and Chashasma (non profit pop up gallery), in NYC, June 18th, 2012.

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Metamorphosis II
Oil on canvas
Medium Category:
Limited Editions
Original Dimensions:
68 x 48 x 2 3/4 inches
Patricia Araujo
landmark, San Francisco, old emporium, dome painting, architecture, urban, cityscape