High Energy Constructs

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Measuring Now

by Catherine Wagley
It’s hard not to take Branden Koch seriously when you walk into High Energy Constructs and see his paintings’ intermittently coarse and lyrical surfaces. It’s hard not to feel a melancholy weightiness when you read the limited edition broadside that hangs repeatedly on the gallery’s left wall: “The burden of history, ever changing, with it’s refusal to remain fixed in one place…” But, when you realize that the broadside depicts the squished face of a cartoon bulldog and that Koch uses absurd mechanisms, orchestrated paint spills, and found objects like Mayan hammocks to make his marks, it’s ha... [more]
Posted by Catherine Wagley on 11/17/08

A Must See!!!

Riveting!!!  Best Sculpture show in years, eye popping.  [more]
Posted by goat on 12/11/07

Meditations on a Post-Medium World by Nico Machida

by Nico Machida
“Internal Mechanisms,” a compact and challenging new group show at High Energy Constructs, presents to the viewer a series of compelling curios. In Dhavid Streicher’s Dante’s Dinner (2007), a lone shower head positioned high on the gallery wall sprouts a stream of yellow yarn; in Emilie Halpern’s 1500 Light Years (2006), a naïve looking kaleidoscope perched on a tiny shelf points at a found image of some celestial landscape; and in Laura Forman’s Thicket (2007), a dense and monumental tangle of tree limbs—both natural and artificial—looms ominously from a gallery corner. The show’s contents l... [more]
Posted by Nico Machida on 8/13/07