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LA Times Review A chain letter is a message sent in an effort to induce friend and stranger alike to pass it on, often under pain of punishment or promise of benefit. Today it's a handy, analog metaphor for digital social networks. In June, artists Doug Harvey and Christian Cummings sent a chain letter (actually, a chain email) to 10 artists each one admired, inviting them to show up and participate in a Shoshana Wayne Gallery exhibition -- and to invite 10 friends to do likewise. When the "Chain Letter"... [more]
Posted by Lillian Abel on 8/23/11

Brad Spence

by Ed Schad
Brad Spence’s paintings border on the edge of recognition, whether it is abstraction almost sliding into focus or representation sliding out. One could call the practice acrylic impressionism post-photography, an imaging system owing a great deal to Gerhard Ritcher and Luc Tuymans as well as the psychic conjuring of Gregor Schneider or Candida Hofer. To be honest, Spence’s paintings probably do not need the high-minded references to psychology and therapy that form part of the critique around his work. These are simply great paintings executed with confidence and exquisitely finished. W... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 10/21/07