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Nostalgia and Gratitude, Brokenness and Redemption

by Ed Schad
I only need one song to explain how I feel about country music: George Strait’s . A modest hit in 1992, the tune’s not nearly as recognizable as Strait’s other classics. You’ll likely run into All My Exes Live in Texas, but probably not So Much Like My Dad. A few keys of the piano walk you into the song’s weather: the first few drops of an icy rain, a first snowfall. A brush hits the drumhead and somehow it’s cold. It hits a few more times and it’s been cold a long time. The guitar picks up,... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 7/20/14

Give Beauty Back

by Ed Schad
A couple of years back, the New Yorker ran a profile of a person who is usually hidden from the public but who perhaps has a wider handle and power on how we see than any artist or optometrist. He is the best in the world, sought after by both artists like Philip-Lorca DiCorcia as well as almost every high profile magazine, and his job is a simple one, to make people look “better,” more beautiful by tweaking the tragedy of the image that was actually captured by the camera. It is Pascal... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 6/6/11

so far so uninteresting...

I was really hoping for a LOT more from this place considering all the trumpeting they'd been doing about opening. Let's hope they get it together. [more]
Posted by Convergent on 8/23/09