3Kicks Art Studio

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3Kicks Art Studio
55 Waverly Dr., #101
Pasadena, CA 91105
Venue Type: Alternative Space
Charles Hu
Open hours
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
$120 ($10 registration fee)

3Kicks Fine Art Studio was founded by 3 Art Center alumni in 2007 and has already solidified it's reputation as an Art Studio which offers the artistic atmosphere necessary for artists and instructors to grow and facilitate each others artistic growth.

Our goal with 3Kicks is to offer fundamental art education to students of all persuasions for their art.  We stand by the belief that every artistic endeavors success is dependent upon the foundation in the fundamentals of the artist. 

3Kicks is proud to work with professional instructors who have had long-time teaching experiences. Our established instructors are distinguished artists exhibiting in numerous prominent galleries and well known in the entertainment industry. 

3Kicks strongly believes that acquiring a firm foundation skill is the roots to success in any art field.  The courses offered are geared towards strengthening and sharpening foundation skills.  Our courses range from figure drawing and painting to preparing portfolio for major art schools.

Though we are deeply rooted in historical foundation, we are a contemporary art studio looking to offer you new paths and theories for raising your artistic maturity.