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Mother Of Humanity Bronze © WLCAC 2009
Cecil Fergerson Gallery
10950 South Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90059
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A Classic art gallery that has been established for the past 15 years in the name
of legendary Los Angeles artist Cecil Fergerson. Come by to see cutting edge work
as well as permanent museum dedicated to art from the civil rights movement.

The gallery has had major shows with works that have been in some of the greatest museums of the world. this list is currently being updated.

The gallery has shown some very talented and aggressive artists like:

Cecil Fergerson
Tony Love
Richard Francko
Nijel Bims
Secret One-Caprice Myles
Phade- Edwin Secasa
Shahid Brown





Visual Arts Exhibition Dates:   August 1 through September 24, 2009, Cecil Fergerson Gallery

Exhibition Opening Reception: August 1, 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., Cecil Fergerson Gallery 

Los Angeles – Watts Labor Community Action Committee (WLCAC) in conjunction with Mr. Cecil Fergerson has created a series of Solo Artist exhibitions called “Watts Art 24/7”. Watts Art 24/7 is a series of 12 Solo Artists Exhibitions spotlighting the artwork of some of the most influential Artists working in California today, that come out of or work in Watts and surrounding communities.

The second Artist in our series Watts Art 24/7 is Gary Senatus.  Gary Senatus is a Haitian born artist working in Los Angeles; this will be his first major solo exhibition in California, we are proud to be able to present this great artists works to the Watts and greater Los Angeles communities.

The Watts Art 24/7 Exhibitions are organized by Mr. Cecil Fergerson and Timothy Watkins, President and Chief Executive Officer, Watts Labor Community Action Committee.  Over the next two years Watts Art 24/7 will show the artwork of the following artist- Alma Lopez, Alphonse Gerber, Carlos Spivy, Charles Dickson, Gary Senatus, Noni Olabisi, Elliott Pinkney, Margaret Garcia, Michael Massenburg, Nijel Binns, Toni Love, Willie Robert Middlebrook and John Outterbridge.

The exhibit Gary Senatus - Painter will open August 1 and remains through, September 25, 2009.  The Exhibition’s Open Reception will be held on Saturday, August 1st from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

About the Artist:

Artist Gary Senatus (also known by Cooper), was born in Port – au – Prince, Haiti in 1964.  He comes from a long line of Artist’s, his father Samuel was a well known Sculptor who exhibited his works in some of more successful art galleries in Haiti.  Gary started drawing at a very early age, his drawings were so good that once while in public school he did a drawing of the former Dictatorial President of Haiti that was posted on the wall in the classroom, his teachers very scared and obviously worried suggested that he pick another subject to draw, in fear that they and young Senatus may get in trouble with the Haitian government.  Seeing the talent in young Gary, a family friend Rene Exume, an excellent painter & Art Teacher helped Senatus to get into the local Art Academy for gifted youth, this would be very influential in his early development and desire in becoming an artist. 

After leaving the Art Academy Senatus enrolled in one of Haiti’s finest fine art schools, the Foyer des Art Plastiques.  The Foyer des Art Plastiques founded in 1950 by a group of arts led by Lucien Price, Max Pinchinat and Dieudonne Cedor (after leaving the Centre d'Art over a disagreement), is where the Haitian art form know as “Realisme de Cruaute” was developed.  Attending this very prestigious school gave Senatus the opportunity to work with some of Haiti’s great artists such as Julio Jean, Raymond J.D. Joseph and Maurice Vital.

Once his studies at Foyer des Art Plastiques were completed Senatus started exhibiting his art works throughout Haiti, he had very successfully showings at the Nader' Art Gallery, Nonnin Art Gallery, Rainbow Art Gallery, and Mapou Art Gallery.  With his reputation growing as a talented and gifted artist Senatus needed more, more than his home land of Haiti could offer, so in 1988 he traveled to the United States to further advance his career as a professional artist.  Since come to the US Senatus has exhibited at various locations in California, the Galerie Lakaye Gallery, South Bay Museum, the Directors Guild of America, Mill Valley Art Festival and the Palm Springs Art Festival.  In the State of New York at the New York Art Fair and the Manhattan Art Expo, his work has also been seen in shows in the State of Florida.

Gary paint’s everyday, when not painting he writes poetry he calls “thought poems” and essays which focus on a world view, the world viewed through the eye’s of a Haitian living in the United States.

Gary Senatus resides in the City of Inglewood, California where he lives with his Family.

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