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No Room

by Ed Shad
The group show No Room acknowledges that we tend to be conflicted when it comes to modern architecture. On one hand, the sleek, orderly, programmed spaces become easy symbols for the fall of Modernist optimism, serving as a vehicle for general critique ranging from the failure of housing projects to Facism. On the other hand, many people still seek the lifestyles to which Modern Architecture aspired, lifestyles which conform, in the words of the shows’ curators, to a “nearly insatiable contemporary desire for the holistic image.” We both want and don’t want the sane, mann... [more]
Posted by Ed Shad on 7/20/08

A Look at Scott Short

by Ed Schad
Scott Short's paintings are copies of images he produces on a Xerox machine by obsessively sending a single sheet of paper through light and ink. Imperfections collect and spread randomly across the surface of the paper, and Short then zeros in on particular visual moments that he wants to paint on canvas. Using projection, he painstakingly reproduces the machine-made image in black and white, claiming it as his own, investing it with his work and time. The resulting paintings are sure of themselves, imposing, and full of wonderful abstract passages that are elegant to view. Short's method rips ope... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 3/24/08