College Of The Canyons Art Gallery

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College Of The Canyons Art Gallery
26455 Rockwell Canyon Road
Santa Clarita, CA 91355
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Mission Statement
The College of the Canyons Art Gallery is committed to serving the college community and the community at large through exhibitions and programs that enhance curriculum as well as engage a greater audience in the visual arts. We hope to challenge and stimulate our students and the public by exposing them to new ideas and encouraging them to think independently and creatively about their work and their world.
About the Gallery
The College of the Canyons Art Gallery operates within the Division of Fine and Performing Arts. The gallery has been in operation since our inaugural exhibition in spring 1997 with the opening of our new Fine and Media Arts Building in Mentry Hall.

The gallery curates a variety of exhibitions annually. Our scheduling  policy is geared to an interdisciplinary interpretation of art and culture that features the works of  historical as well as 21st century artists. Through its exhibitions and educational programs, the gallery is committed to serving our student population by augmenting our curriculum and encourages public participation in this process. Along with the exhibition, the Art Gallery may also present a speaker series which may include lectures, panel discussions and Q and A sessions with the artist.

Although the gallery is an instructional tool, we recognize our need for support funds to sustain the exhibition program, which enriches the college community and the community at large. We invite you to participate in supporting our inspiring facility and its longevity by becoming a member of Friends of the Fine Arts or through you individual gifts. Sales from our Gallery Store, which features a variety of gifts, is an additional financial source of support.