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From ArtScene November 2013 by Suvan Geer   Much of the charm in sculptor Mitra Fabian’s installations has been the way she turned everyday items from office or industry into unexpected experiences of natural grace and beauty. Stacks of blue medical pipette tips glued on two sides of a clear acrylic sheet became a floating, translucent iceberg. Draped rolls of unspooling cash register receipt paper, set on edge and pinned to the wall, were made by shadow and gravity into... [more]
Posted by Caspar Martin on 11/3/13

From "I on the Arts" by Deborah Kreiger

From "I-on-the-Arts": Recently I took a jaunt down Washington Boulevard to explore some of the many galleries in Culver City’s Arts District.  Due to my slightly poor timing, many of said galleries were closed.  Luckily, though, I visited Hinge Modern, at 8558 Washington Boulevard, just in time to see a quiet yet enjoyable show.   “Simone Alexandrino and Daksh Sahni: Out and In of Symmetry” displays the works... [more]
Posted by Caspar Martin on 9/12/13

From Art Week LA

From Art Week LA: Alexandrino’s artwork is a series of compositions created to reflect and express the parts of the self that are invisible. Her meditative, unplanned and organic technique takes her work into unexpected directions, resulting in abstract drawings and a physically realized stream of consciousness. Sahni, a self-­described interdisciplinary “entrepreneur” with vast experience in design, digital art... [more]
Posted by Caspar Martin on 9/12/13