Richard Heller Gallery

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Charlie Roberts at Richard Heller Gallery

by Anna Ayeroff
The works in Charlie Roberts’ exhibition show the artist’s great ability to perfectly capture the essence of a figure with a fluidity that seems effortless. Upon entering the Richard Heller Gallery, the viewer sees a row of several 4 x 6 inch watercolor paintings that span much of the main wall. Each sheet of paper contains several images, most often figures, arranged in a grid, the edges of the paper slightly ripped as if pulled from the page of a book. There is a delicacy juxtaposed with... [more]
Posted by Anna Ayeroff on 10/27/08

A Look at Neil Farber

by Ed Schad
Neil Farber might be considered an outsider as well, but to think that would be incorrect. Instead, one should think of Farber and of many of the artists currently on view at Richard Heller as proof that the aesthetic of much Outsider art has for sometime made it into the larger art world. Farber’s images are packed with personal meaning, textures and fields of improvisational images, sometimes obsessive in their hand-wrought intensity. Oceans of bloated little people rendered in ink, acrylic,... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 1/13/08