Neutra VDL

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Neutra VDL
2300 Silver Lake Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Venue Type: Museum
September 23rd - January 17th, 2018
Tu Casa es mi Casa
Frida Escobedo, Aris Janigian, Pedro&Juana, Tezontle, Katya Tylevich, David Ulin
Representing Artists
Xavier Veilhan, Santiago Borja
Sarah Lorenzen
Open hours
Fri 6-10; Sat-Sun 11-3

The Neutra VDL Studio and Residences (1932-1965) of famed modernist architect Richard Neutra is owned by the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation and is under the stewardship of the College of Environmental Design (ENV) at Cal Poly Pomona. The primary mission of the College with respect to VDL is: to use the house as an educational resource for ENV students and faculty, to preserve and maintain the property, and to host cultural programs that will strengthen the facility's mission as a community resource. The VDL House is the only Neutra residence that is accessible to designers and the community at large. As such the house is a critically important resource for visitors to learn about the life and architectural career of Richard Neutra. The house is also an asset for research and scholarly activities that focus on: historic preservation of Modernist buildings, sustainability and material technologies, and interpretations of the Neutra legacy. Currently the house is open for tours, given by Cal Poly Pomona architectural students, every Saturday.  The museum's resident curator/director is Sarah Lorenzen R.A., Associate Professor of Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona.