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John White Solimar Beach Elements

John White’s Solimar Beach ElementsInspired by the elements that compose the beach near his home, John White began his most recent series Solimar Beach Elements based on his daily walks along the waterfront. He took the icons of the coast and reinterpreted them to create his own composition and to create a symbolic story for the viewer to discover. The works are enticing and captivating—they make you want to stand there and stare at them for a while to figure out his lexicon. The black squares... [more]
Posted by John M. White on 5/5/11

Michael Todd, David Middlebrook, Leonard Skuro

Sylvia White Gallery presents 3 SculptorsMichael Todd/ David Middlebrook/ Leonard SkuroJanuary 31-March 7,  2009Opening Reception for the Artists: Saturday, January 31. 3-5pm1783 Main Street  Ventura, CA  93001For more information: 805 643 8300 or email info@artadvice.comSylvia White Gallery is pleased to present important new work by three very different sculptors.  Tied together with their love of the materials the use, these artists each present a unique vision for the use of steel, rock and... [more]
Posted by Sylvia White on 1/19/09