Pacific Standard Time Festival

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Back to the Box

by Kate Wolf
On the horizon as a part the Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival, is Black Box, a project orchestrated and constructed by Los Angeles artist, Liz Glynn. Black Box is an eleven-day series of performance, screenings, music and social gathering, that will take place each evening at a warehouse location on Highland Avenue, a kind of party after the party for the Festival’s full list of events.    Glynn, who has staged performance series everywhere from the hills of Lincoln... [more]
Posted by Kate Wolf on 1/16/12

An Honest Schedule

by Andrew Berardini
The climax of all this Pacific Standard Timing is here. Funded (like much of PST) mostly by the Getty, the PST Festival of Performance and Public Art stretches an official ten days (January 19-29) from the beach to Pomona and many environs in-between. Like all festivals, there’s always more than you could possibly see. And like all festivals the demand to make a schedule is paramount and declaring it to others helps ensure that wants and wishes become reality. So here’s a bit of a curated... [more]
Posted by Andrew Berardini on 1/18/12