Renegade Art Gallery

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Renegade Art Gallery
1345 N. Palm Canyon Dr.
Palm Springs, CA 92262
Venue Type: Gallery
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By Appointment

A unique gallery continues to thrive in Palm Springs. Owned by Alan Long, a Los Angeles resident and Coachella Valley visitor for more than 30 years, Renegade Art Gallery, now one year old, is being touted as a collaborative artist’s exhibition space with a twist.

“After spending so much time watching the art world over the last years, and seeing the great disconnect between artists and collectors due to the inflated art market prices, I wanted to open a new kind of space that changed the way artists and their buyers would interact,” Long said.

The concept is an unusual one, spurred by his experience watching the auction world while he was president of Sotheby’s Real Estate and Architecture division in California. His gallery, at 1345 N. Palm Canyon Drive, will be open from 10 a.m.. to 6 p.m. every Thursday,  Friday and Saturday. Opening receptions will showcase a variety of art, allowing potential buyers to bid on individual pieces of artwork.  Also, there will be a “buy it now” price, which will allow someone who falls in love with a piece to purchase it immediately without having to wait for the auction to end.

“This way we assure that art is actually being sold,” Long said. “The artists know they will get at least the very lowest price they are willing to take for an item, but many times they will be even more pleased because they will cause a small bidding war for their piece with a surprise price coming to them in the end.”

Luke Schette "evol" Plastic Neon Wall Sculpture

The gallery will boast a wide range of what Long calls “renegade” art created by up-and-coming artists from all over the world in a large span of affordable pricing. Another element of the gallery will be the presence of artists on site during the sales to share dialogues about their work with potential collectors.

“This week for our opening, we have artists from Florida, Malibu, Utah, Denver and Tyler Morgan from Palm Springs,” Long said. “The pieces are in a wide array of mediums from traditional painting to metal resins to tar and asphalt.”