Red Brick Gallery

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Red Brick Gallery
315 E. Main St
Ventura, CA 93001
Venue Type: Gallery
Jen and Phyllis
Open hours
Mon-Thu 11-6; Fri 11-8; Sat 10-8; Sun 11-5

Red Brick Gallery is created with the intent of providing a venue for emerging and mid-career artists who have not yet acquired mainstream exposure, while we provide our visitors with an enjoyable art experience. Our environment is stimulating and unique; where the public can appreciate and purchase artworks from ever changing exhibits.

Our vision is to maintain our reputation as an energetic, outgoing and accessible Central California Coast art gallery as we continue to inspire, excite and provide enjoyment and education to our increasingly diverse audiences.

Red Brick Gallery strives to foster creativity with art classes and workshops for students of all ages in pleasant surroundings while catering to the needs of our different target market groups and provide programs and activities that encourage public awareness, participation and appreciation of the arts.

Red Brick Gallery has a personal commitment to be involved in future endeavors that will positively affect our community.