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Untitled 15 Woodcut , 1980 Acrylic On Wood 6ft X 2ft © Sancho 2011
1549 West Sunset Boulevard
Echo Park, California 90026
Venue Type: Gallery
Danielle Collins
Open hours
12-6p Wednesday - Sunday


From Danielle Collins, the sexily psychedelic and provacateering trend-seer of Not Ugly Clothing & Inner Beauty Pageant, Letter To My President, and Lego, comes her newest and bravest (ad)venture SANCHO.  A fully realized yet ever-amorphous and adaptive Salon loosed upon this plastic Beige Age, SANCHO is both a physical and mental space where the alchemy of ideas, art, fashion, film, musick, photography, theatre, technology, education, politics, sex, consciousness, and yes, even souls are nurtured, challenged and allowed the freedom to evolve into something utterly original and wholly unprecedented.  After twelve years of supporting Art in America, SANCHO is set to deliver a long-awaited flotilla of aid to bore-torn refugees from culture-parched bafflefields the world over.

Consistently reaffirmed as the new American Athenaeum, Echopulco is no mere destination, and SANCHO, well, it is no mere Salon.  A fully-functioning organized consciousness greater than the sum of its parts, channeled through the head of honcho Danielle Collins, is a mega-media colossus of truth and creative power, simultaneously daring and empowering the public to set themselves free from the constraints and trickery of a false and limited, pseudo "reality." Here, we produce news, unfiltered through the familiar smothering layers of obfuscation and lies. Here, we produce Art of thee Highest Quality, forged in the fire of experience and ecstasy, pain and pressures. Here, finally, we entertain, always cutting, always informative, always influential, and always enduring.

SANCHO comes correct with its nerve center located in the historic Los Angeles neighborhood of Echo Park.  Long a mecca for the mega-talented,  a haven for healthy radicals, and a home for downtrodden poor-core leisurites with creativity to share and spare, Echo Park (see also: Echopulco; The Vortex; Vortexopulco; Echo Dark) is the perfect ambient accompaniment to SANCHO's unique and heady brew of inspired creative joie de vivre. One can feel Olde magick at play all 'round Echopulco's sun specked Elysian fields and windswept hilly climbs…Look!  Do you see!?!  SANCHO's outdoor garden oasis beckons you, mere steps from Sunset Blvd's soot weary curb-end, but a multiverse from the factory-beige facades of Hell, Eh?

SANCHO provides a local and global artistic community with a concentrated focus and forum for pushing the very limits of the future, as well as the means to do so.  It offers its headquarters and media tools to the broadest spectrum of artists and creatives, utilizing print, web, and the airwaves (not to mention a plethora of non-traditional media) to indulge our collective's fantasies and strivings toward sustainable self-sufficiency in life and art. What SANCHO offers to the public is a 24/7 internet news & musick station (in both Video & Audio guises) broadcasting live from the main offices, book and magazine publishing, art shows, along with their accompanying publications, a mutable musickal performance area, live staging of theatre works, film screenings, performance pieces, film and video productions, live comedy, delicious healthy eats, creative and educational classes and workshops, and partnerships with the leading artists of this and future generations.  And the special events! They are more like miracles cum revolutions and occur with devastating frequency and earth shattering intensity.

SANCHO. We are Revo.

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