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Judy Ledgerwood at 1301PE

by Julian Hoeber
    Paintings so relentlessly retinal have been called beautiful, but that isn’t precise enough for the intensity of Judy Ledgerwood's show Chromophilia. Comprised of three large and several smaller canvasses, as well as a wall painting and a few largish and smallish ceramic vessels, Chromophilia at 1301PE is saturated with color and what seems at first glance to exude good vibes. The simultaneous attraction and repulsion of so many pretty colors in dissonant combinations puts me a... [more]
Posted by Julian Hoeber on 4/12/10

Perfect Deceit

by Catherine Wagley
Diana Thater’s work is deceiving in the sincerest way possible. A video veteran—she’s been exhibiting since the early ‘90s—Thater always manages to maintain an understated freshness that makes her work seem fugitive and youthful. The ephemeral aura of her work is immediately discernible but the unsettling, non-narrative suggestions that her videos make take longer to uncover. Her current exhibition at 1301PE requires an investment; unless you take the time to lose yourself, you won’t feel the... [more]
Posted by Catherine Wagley on 10/13/08

whimsey & whatnot

this show is art at its best - surprising, intriguing and fresh.  See it.   [more]
Posted by Victor Nine on 9/17/07