Alt Space at Top Tomato Market

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© Courtesy of Maya Mercer
Bush, 2011 Photograph © 2011
Trickle Down Theory, 2011 Photo Montage © 2011
Alt Space at Top Tomato Market
3815 Grand View Blvd.
Los Angeles 90066
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About Alt|Space at Top Tomato Market

Alt|Space at Top Tomato Market is a center for conversation and creation located in Mar Vista, a burgeoning creative enclave adjacent to Venice Beach, California. The Market conceptually re-imagines the neighborhood corner store as a curated idea emporium. Neither exhibition, performance, nor retail environment per se, Alt|Space at Top Tomato functions as a collaborative incubator, provoking dialogue through an interweaving of media and methods-visual and aural, sacred and profane, cerebral and gustatory.

There are no guests at Alt|Space, only participants. And participants do not merely encounter ideas at Alt|Space, they engage with them. Los Angeles-based composer and entrepreneur Dean Harada serves as Alt|Space's director of collaboration, and the project reflects his ongoing interest in exploring modes of conversive1, narrative, and figurative2 works.

1a: Capable of being converted or changed
1b: Ready to converse, social
2a: Representing by a figure or resemblance; emblematic of or relating to representation of form or figure
2b: Departing from the literal use of words