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Making Strange: Vivan Sundaram at the Fowler Museum

Two bodies of work come together for the first time in . UCLA’s resident authority on South Asian Contemporary Art, Associate Professor Saloni Mathur, is an outstanding ambassador to the work of Vivan Sundaram. Sundaram’s prolific and varied work draws influence from Dada to Dior, which can be seen in Gagawaka and then subverted in Postmortem, the two works that comprise Making Strange. Miwon Kwon, Chair of the Art History Department at UCLA, co-curates with Mathur and succeeds in bringing... [more]
Posted by sarahdd on 4/22/15

Shiny Things

Today when I walked into this exhibit I stopped dead in my tracks and just grinned.  It's so shiny and pretty.  The first part is mainly... wall art, I guess is the best term?  There's painting and more modern things I don't know the name for and this crazy cool metal "fabric" made of alcohol labels.  It ripples along the wall and it's great to get up close and walk along its length. Makes it flow. The second part is a maze of videos, which was definitely the more crowded part of the exhibit. ... [more]
Posted by kait on 3/12/09

"Please Listen, People": Addressing HIV/AIDS in Bengali Scroll Paintings

by Farrah Karapetian
HIV / AIDSSwarna Chitrakar(Song Lyrics to accompany image)Listen, everyone, pay attention. I would like to talk about HIV AIDSHIV came from the west & has infected hundreds in India.It is not an infectious disease. It spreads from 4 things:Using the same syringe for addiction, using the same syringe for injection; from pregnant HIV carrier women. Or having unprotected sex with 'infected' womenIn case these 4 things are taken care of, HIV will not occur. That is why I request the Doctors;... [more]
Posted by Farrah Karapetian on 7/6/08

Making Art About AIDS

by Nancy Lupo
Gregg Bordowitz's proclamation, ‘the AIDS crisis is still beginning' greets viewers as they enter the exhibition MAKE ART / STOP AIDS.  It serves as a powerful reminder that, with 40 million people infected with HIV around the world, the situation continues to be extremely urgent.  The work in the exhibition lays evidence to the fact that artists all over the world have played a key role in educating people about AIDS and strategically combating common stereotypes about HIV/AIDS and those who... [more]
Posted by Nancy Lupo on 5/9/08

Refreshing and powerful

The brainchild of the Smithsonian Institute and the Fowler Museum at UCLA, Inscribing Meaning: Writing and Graphic Systems in African Art demonstrates the psychological, political, spiritual, healing and historic power and beauty of words and symbols across many mediums in Africa. The exhibit is wonderfully curated—Inscribing Meaning brings together works of art from a range of periods, regions, genres and peoples and considers the interplay between African art and the... [more]
Posted by stephaniechi on 11/20/07