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Gap, Mark, Sever, and Return: Series

by Arely Villegas
In the cavernous former movie theater that makes the main gallery of Human Resources, performance artist MPA has hung a lunar calendar, following the phases of the moon for the duration of the exhibition the work finds itself in. Curated by artist and Human Resources collective member Chiara Giovando, the premise of the thematic exhibition, “Gap, Mark, Sever, and Return”, is that of the “series”, the way interconnected works can mark time, to organize, to build.    The documented course of time... [more]
Posted by Arely Villegas on 12/13/12

Perceptual Jolts and Kaleidoscopic Confusion

by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer
Irregular polygons, disjointed trapezoids, and angular fragments of exploded Bucky balls vogue their way through Taft Green’s new sculptures and collages on paper. Geometric units get cut up and recomposed in new configurations that emphasize the perceptual jolt and kaleidoscopic confusion of offset layering and overlapping filters of erratic patterning. The triangle is the basic building section, doubled into diamonds and seen two-dimensionally as pie pieces forming unstable hexagonal wheels... [more]
Posted by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer on 7/26/11

The Quiet Importance of (Perhaps Evanescent) Alternatives

by Andrew Berardini
        Late into the night, after the first flush of events of a long weekend of performances in Chinatown for the annual Perform Now! festival, a small crowd lounged on the back patio of Human Resources, sipping the cool, fruity dregs of a welcomed sangria. Two musicians, Emily Lacy and an accompanying violist, Ezra Buchla (formerly of 'Gowns' and 'The Mae Shi') warmed up for a final set to the spare audience. Leaning back to hear the creak of the metal of my folding chair, I sat with my... [more]
Posted by Andrew Berardini on 8/17/10