Sea and Space Explorations

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Sea and Space Explorations
4755 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042
Venue Type: Gallery
Lara Bank
Open hours
Sundays 1-5pm, for special events and performances & by appointment
Gallery type

Sea and Space is a not-for-profit artist run gallery founded in June 2007.

All artists and staff who work here do so during their free time, making this space possible through their contribution of time and money for the sake of presenting challenging contemporary art.

We operate on an alternate model to commercial art spaces with no disrespect to these entities. Our goal is to foster, through appreciation and support, artistic practices that are dependent upon alternate means for visibility.

Lara Bank is the only full-time staff member. We will be adding a six-month guest curator residency position starting in September 2009. We have a very supportive board of five who are essential to the preservation of this space.

Sea and Space Explorations
4755 York Blvd
LA, CA 90042
tel 323-982-0854


Gallery Hours
Sundays 1-5pm, for special events and performances & by appointment
call 323-982-0854 or email to make an appointment.

September 2009 - February 2010
Performances and exhibitions for the first weekend of every month


Lara Bank, President
Haruko Tanaka, Vice President
Adam Overton, Secretary
Clay Chaplin, Treasurer
Asher Hartman, Board Member


The sea and space bracket us, literally and metaphorically. Familiar and unfamiliar, easy to see but impossible to fathom, they inspire the poetic and the empirical.

Sea and Space Explorations is a portal to a place where notions of good and bad, market constraints, and fixations with progress are understood to be peripheral, where artists take risks without fear. This space hosts artists whose practices resonate with the conceptual, theoretical, relational, and political.

Group Core Values
* adventure
* space to take risk
* benevolent beings
* collaborative, interdependent, human
* exploratory
* poetic, visionary, practical
* artistic liberty, responsibility, and sincerity
* embracing the unknown
* artists before objects


goals of the space are to...

• steer towards work that resists capitalization allowing the gallery to operate as a capitalist critique of sorts

• show works that are either relational, collaborative, large scale, ephemeral, video, performance, neo-conceptual, or in traditional mediums that would have a hard time fitting into a commercial gallery

• support work that is not as supported due to content, scale, longevity, or conceptual reasons

• run the space as more of an experience than a gallery

• support artists and their endeavors before objects


The space costs $900 a month to operate. This includes rent, electric, postage, and cleaning supplies.

Sales of artwork are split 50/50 with the gallery (suggested donation). The gallery typically only sells about $200 of work a year. The main objective of the space is not to sell artwork.

Yearly fundraisers: Holiday benefit earns $800-$1500 yearly.
All proceeds last year went to our non-profit application. The year before we fixed our electric to bring it up to code.

Donations from website: approximately $300 yearly

Performances: we will be charging a $3-$5 suggested donation for upcoming performances. Exhibitions and lectures remain free.

No staff are paid.


Lara Bank
Executive Director, President of Board, and Founder
Conceptualization and guides the direction of the space
Operations: curator, artist/curator selections, studio visits, website maintenance, promotion, press contact, documentation, repairs and maintenance, accounting, cleaning, gallery sitting, and primary funder.

Haruko Tanaka
Vice President of the Board
Assists president in leading board and advising executive director

Adam Overton
Intern & Volunteer Coordinator,
Chief Wiki Officer
Records minutes at board meetings, distributes minutes and correspondences to board, maintains official records, announces meetings

Clay Chaplin
Manages financial aspects of the organization, makes financial reports to the board, leads the board finance commitee

Asher Lauren Hartman
Board Member

Christopher Colthart
Copy Editor

Emily Butler White, former Secretary and Board Member 5/25/08 - 7/4/08

February 2008 - May 2008 Chelsea Lewcow. From Occidental College.
Sea and Space misses you Chelsea!



•Your dates given include de-installation and installation. Please keep this in mind when scheduling with us at your initial scheduling appointment. We cannot scramble dates at a future time and alter other artists show times.

•Installation and deinstallation of show.

•The space should be returned to the state that you found it in. Artists are responsible for repairing the walls, floor, ceiling if they are altered or marked. If alterations are extensive, cost for repairs will be the artists responsibility.



•Space (key access Monday - Sunday, 8am -10pm or arranged with Director)

•Publicity: email marketing to public and press releases to press.

•Gallery sitter on Sundays 1-5pm

•Documentation on website

•Paint and painting supplies to return space to original state.

•One Epson Projector and a DVD player at your disposal (cannot leave gallery space)

•BBQ out back is free to use and back patio area (as long as noise is kept to a minimum, we do have lovely neighbors).



•funding for postcards or postcard mailings, but we do have a mailing list at your disposal

•funding for liquor

•money for travel


•sound system



•personnel to help with installation and de-installation



Mug wall in gallery.

Mugs are $3 to buy and free to borrow. All proceeds go to the gallery. Bought mugs can be taken or left in the gallery with your name (mark) on your mug.

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