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MV012 (TRANSVALUE BOOK III, The '58 Retractable Hardtop) FOR MORE GO TO: You might even call this one Anthony Braxton meetsPhilip Dick meets Gregory Corso.Steven Loewy © Cadence Magazine 2008 Great to hear musicians who keep the integrity to their own voice.kicksextremeradio.comBruno & Peggy KicksExtreme Radio @ Radio Centraal (Antwerp, Belgium) Transvalue are an amalgamation of talking turmoil and spectacular arrangements, existing since 1980. Its core members are trombonist and composer Michael Vlatkovich, spoken word artist Chuck Britt and percussionist David Crigger; the circle of aides for this CD... [more]
Posted by TRANSVALUE, Chuck Britt, Michael Vlatkovich, David Crigger on 3/6/10