ltd los angeles

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ltd los angeles
1119 La Brea Ave.
90019 Los Angeles
Venue Type: Gallery
November 20th - January 14th, 2017
Inaugural Exhibition - forward
Lucas Ajemian, Alex Becerra, Jennifer Chan, Debora Delmar Corp., Gerald Davis, Raul de Nieves, Timo Fahler, Sarah Faux, Radamés "Juni" Figueroa, Mariah Garnett, Johan Grimonprez, Klaus Jörres, Brian Kennon, Jake Longstreth, Morten Skrøder Lund, Rachel Mason, Anja Salonen, Marian Tubbs, Alice Wang
November 20th - January 14th, 2017
ltd presents...Chanel Von Habsburg-Lothringen
Chanel von Habsburg-Lothringen
Shirley Morales
Open hours
Tue-Sat 11-5

The focus at ltd los angeles is on lateral practices, on a horizontality where embracing multifarious mediums expands conceptual boundaries. Dialogue is a key critical component of the programming at ltd los angeles and exhibit-specific texts aim to expand the realm of discourse beyond the white walls of the gallery. Andrew Berardini, Lee Weng Choy, Michael Ned Holte, Thomas Lawson, Leigh Markopoulos, Bartholomew Ryan, Catherine Taft, and Jan Tumlir are among those who have contributed text.

In Fall 2011, ltd los angeles inaugurated ltd presents.., a specifically dedicated space within the gallery to realize practice-based projects independent of the commercial gallery schedule and context. Launching this program, ltd presents...2nd Cannons Publications through Summer 2012.

Shirley Morales is the founder of ltd los angeles and the Hollywood Hills House, comprised of an International Artist's Residency (2001-2008), and the Under the Sign Flag Project (2002-present). Christoph Büchel, Geoffrey Farmer, Hanrik Håkansson, Sharon Lockhart, Paulina Olowska, Mario Garcia Torres and Luca Vitone are among the artists who have created and flown flags. Building on the Hollywood Hills House history as the first private Los Angeles residency program, ltd los angeles continues to foster the opportunity for artists, writers and curators to interface with Los Angeles' diverse cultural landscape through the contemporary gallery system by collapsing the boundaries between local and global arts practices.

ltd los angeles is in the burgeoning Sunset district in a space formerly used as Rodney Bingenheimer's famed 1970s English Disco.