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Raw Food-Good Food

Joyous, lyrical paintings with sexual innuendos and whimsical notions have substance because of the artist's experienced hand.  There is a sense of an artist who has worked at her craft with dedication and historical appreciation of pattern and design and collage.  The portrait collages are reminiscent of Sonia Delaunay's designs for stage presentations. [more]
Posted by Sandra Vista on 4/19/11


( (Michael S. Tierney with Christine Anderson at Blythe Projects 1/14/11) As a baby boomer I grew up with space travel.  I remember watching John Glenn on television  during my 4th grade teacher's lunch time.  When I spoke with Michael on opening night he shared his personal connection with aerospace.  Because many of the images focus on the internal views of the spacecrafts, they are reminiscent of regressing into an embryonic nest.  The images of the space suits and capsules appear like... [more]
Posted by Sandra Vista on 1/18/11

Defining My Generation

defines his generation with iconic images from his legacy.  Andolsek's current exhibition at Blythe Projects contains paintings, mixed-media objects and installations pertaining to his Boomer existence.  There is an image of "Dad" at the barbeque grill, an installation with actual US currency and images of the US flag.  However, one of the indelible connections that all Baby Boomers have is the day President Kennedy died.  Andolsek parallels an image of a blurred dollar bill in "Black Dollar... [more]
Posted by Sandra Vista on 9/28/10