Avenue 50 Studio

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Avenue 50 Studio
131 N. Avenue 50
Los Angeles, CA 90042
Venue Type: Gallery
November 11th - December 2nd
Not in LaLa
Sergio Teran
November 11th - December 2nd
Sacred Remains
Ernesto Vazquez
December 9th - January 20th, 2018
8x8 Silent Art Auction
Mar Abela, Katrina Alexy, Douglas Alvarez, Jessica Ceballos, Steven Correa, Raoul de la Sota, Rafael Delgado, Leo Eguarte, Emmanuel Figueroa, Kathi Flood, Gwen Freeman, Margaret Garcia, Rosie Getz, Richard Gomez, Leonard Greco, Cidne Hart, Heather Hoggan, Grey James, Bonnie Lambert, Rosalie Lopez, Jose Lozano, Heriberto Luna, Isabel Martinez, Ralph Massey, Susanna Negrete, Johnny Quintanilla, Susanna Urquiza and Vojislav Radovanovic, Jessica Rocha, Ric Rodriguez, Frank Romero, Nancy Romero, Sonia Romero, Rodrick Smith, Margaret Sosa, Jin Tang, Sergio Teran, Peter Tovar, Melly Troches, Ernesto Vasquez, Gisel Vincent-Osuna, JMichael Walker, Ric Wilson
December 9th - January 20th, 2018
Gimme Shelter
Aslym, Greedy Bastards, Martin Bustamante, Lisette Carrasco, Michelle Dakan, Eyeone, Steven Félix-Jäger, Hembert Guardado, Elmer Guevara, Peter Liashkov, Nelson Munares, Guadulesa Rivera, Ernesto Vasquez, Adam Villanueva, Cecily Willis
Kathy Gallegos
Open hours
Tues-Thurs 10-4; Sat-Sun 10-4; or by appointment

The Avenue 50 Studio, Inc. is a non-profit art gallery formed to support the cultural vitality of the community of Highland Park.  It is the Avenue 50 Studio's objective to provide an ongoing structure that will enhance public recognition and appreciation of our multicultural art community, and engender support for visual artists, writers and poets.

The Avenue 50 Studio originated in November 1999 as a photography workshop. Realizing the need for a cultural space in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, it inaugurated its first show in February of 2000 with a group exhibit of 15 local Chicano/Latino artists. "Making the Invisible Visible," a multimedia experimental silkscreen exhibit in tribute to Cesar Chavez, followed this exhibit. Since that time there have been 15 month-long shows of solo and group artists.

The Highland Park area of Los Angeles is an established community of long-term residents at the edges of middle class. It is primarily Latino of Mexican and Central American descent and bilingual in speech, signage and character. Avenue 50 is committed to addressing the furthering of an established culture that is always evolving. Presenting the arts and artists of Mexico and Central America is at par with showcasing the arts and artists of Highland Park. By including our community, our shows bring a new understanding of Highland Park's cultural breadth and wide range of experiences. Avenue 50 Studio believes that by continuing to reach out to our community we will further this cultural recognition not only in Highland Park but also in the greater Los Angeles area.