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Watchlist Artist: Lisa Adams

CB1 Gallery is pleased to present Lisa Adams’ second solo show with the gallery, Second Life. Wielding an increased vocabulary of imagery and also of paint treatments, Adams transfers what she knows about nature, biology, zoology, botany, geometry, light, space, and spray paint into a parallel universe where the elements of composition have a different relationship to one another. The works in Second Life were headed into unknown visual territory before an eye-surgery crisis intervened in Lisa Adams life and paintings. A convalescence of enforced non-looking drove Adams even deeper into her... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 4/20/13

Bellwether Species

Lisa Adams current paintings of her personal paradise are like a bullet proof vest.  There are signs of protection in the beauty of flora, fauna, and fluffy clouds.  There are areas of serenity in flat areas of color.  But as the title, Paradise Notwithstanding , suggests we have to be prepared for the inevitable.  The individual worlds in each painting are devoid of shadows even though there are objects being illuminated.  Shadows serve as locators and indicators of objects and things.  Without them the artist is not constrained by time and place.  As Adams stated in her artist's statement for the e... [more]
Posted by Sandra Vista on 1/4/12