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HK Zamani: "Remembering and Forgetting" at CB1 Gallery

Christopher Michno,  Art LTD, Nov 2013 Known as the founder of LA's adventurous POST gallery, HK Zamani is also an adept and versatile artist. In his second solo show at CB1 Gallery, titled "Remembering and Forgetting"--paired here nicely with "Raven," Susan Silas' solo of photographs in CB1's West Gallery--Zamani resumes his investigation of philosophical and visual poetics with 12 new untitled paintings. The remembering and forgetting heralded in the show's title anchors Zamani's painting... [more]
Posted by HK Zamani on 3/15

Watchlist Artist: Lisa Adams

CB1 Gallery is pleased to present Lisa Adams’ second solo show with the gallery, . Wielding an increased vocabulary of imagery and also of paint treatments, Adams transfers what she knows about nature, biology, zoology, botany, geometry, light, space, and spray paint into a parallel universe where the elements of composition have a different relationship to one another. The works in Second Life were headed into unknown visual territory before an eye-surgery crisis intervened in Lisa Adams... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 4/20/13

Bellwether Species

Lisa Adams current paintings of her personal paradise are like a bullet proof vest.  There are signs of protection in the beauty of flora, fauna, and fluffy clouds.  There are areas of serenity in flat areas of color.  But as the title, , suggests we have to be prepared for the inevitable.  The individual worlds in each painting are devoid of shadows even though there are objects being illuminated.  Shadows serve as locators and indicators of objects and things.  Without them the artist is not... [more]
Posted by Sandra Vista on 1/4/12

Art review: HK Zamani, "In-between Air, Land and Sea" at CB1Gallery

David Pagel, L.A. Times, June 3, 2011 Art review: HK Zamani, "In-between Air, Land and Sea" at CB1Gallery June 2, 2011 |  5:30 pm   The 15 paintings that make up “In-between Air, Land and Sea,” HK Zamani’s quietly satisfying exhibition at CB1Gallery, come in two basic sizes. The five big ones, in the first gallery, draw visitors into a world of gentle whimsy, where simple shapes and even simpler compositions leave Zamani free to noodle around with color and texture.  Sometimes he... [more]
Posted by HK Zamani on 3/15

HK Zamani: In Between Air, Land and Sea

Megan Abrahams, Whitehot Magazine, June, 2011 HK Zamani: In Between Air, Land and Sea May 22 to July 2, 2011 CB1 Gallery In this solo exhibition of 16 recent paintings, Los Angeles artist and curator, HK Zamani, creates his own compelling visual lexicon. Painted in the last two years -- mostly in less than five months from January 2011 until the artist completed the last strokes the day the show was mounted -- the work is so fresh, the scent of oil paint wafts off the canvas. Ambiguous... [more]
Posted by HK Zamani on 3/15