The Blinn House (Women's City Club of Pasadena)

Venue  |  Exhibitions
June 27th, 2014 - September 26th, 2014
March 26th, 2014 - June 26th, 2014
July 1st, 2013 - September 27th, 2013
Lesley Goren, Randy Sprout MA MFA, Veronica Stensby
October 1st, 2012 - December 28th, 2012
La Cuisine - A Celebration of Food & Wine, Cafes & Restaurants
Shula Singer Arbel, Sharon Beth, Karol Blumenthal, Scottie Brown, Marcelle La Cour, Meredith Greenberg, Brent Hanson, Nita Harper, Lucie Hinden, Brenda Hurst, Anna T. Kelly, Lisa McDill, Margie Murray, Ferial Nassirzadeh, Robin Neudorfer, Patty O"Hearn, Terry Romero Paul, Madeline Prochazka, Marilyn Rothman, Mark Schwartz, Rene Sheret, Julie Snyder, Teri Starkweather, Linda Stelling, Beth Summers, Idie Weiss
February 1st, 2012 - March 30th, 2012
Terry Romero Paul
November 10th, 2011 - January 31st, 2012
Winter's Llght
Terry Romero Paul
August 1st, 2011 - October 31st, 2011
A Touch Of Gold
Scottie Brown, Barbara Davidson, Lee Edwards, Olga Kaczmar, Anna Kelly, Beverly Lazor, Athena Mantle, Kate Moriarty, Ferial Nassirzadeh, Robin Neudorfer, Terry Romero Paul, Julie Snyder, Carol Steinberg, Diana Stewart, Beth Summers, John Paul Thornton, Trice Tolle
May 1st, 2011 - July 31st, 2011
Spring Forward - Women Artists of Southern California
Marian Fortunati, Julie Snyder, Beth Summers
November 14th, 2010 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
May 7th, 2010 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Amazing Women - Art Exhibit
Alexandra Dean Grossi, Laura Malis, Vanesa Martinelli, Yvette-Janine Pardo
April 30th, 2010 - April 30th, 2010
Preious Gifts
CAC Associate members
December 5th, 2009 - April 30th, 2010