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Article in METROMIX: "Art attack: Arlene Bogna's 'Safari Americana'"

Excerpted from METROMIX ART ATTACK: ARLENE BOGNA'S 'SAFARI AMERICANA' By Kimberly Waid & Alie Ward (June 18, 2008) Photos from her new series, “Safari Americana: Scenes of Delight” pop off the paper with rich pigments and a gorgeous stillness. Exploring the very specific and bizarre theme of roadside animal effigies (fiberglass cows, anyone?), Bogna presents a show that&... [more]
Posted by Arlene Bogna on 6/18/08

SAFARI AMERICANA: SCENES OF DELIGHT made "The List" in Los Angeles Times!

SAFARI AMERICANA: SCENES OF DELIGHT made "The List" in Los Angeles Times! Los Angeles Times, "The List: Art Openings" Compiled by Grace Krilanovich, June 19, 2008. [more]
Posted by Arlene Bogna on 6/20/08


Excerpted from ArtScene ARLENE BOGNA and BARBARA BLATT By Suvan Geer (July 2008) Arlene Bogna’s "Safari Americana" photographs make the viewer sink into a nostalgic reverie. They include color-saturated images of hulking man-made bovines standing like dumb, complacent sentinels in dark R.V. parks or empty dirt lots. They exert a strong whiff of this country’s historic car culture. She asks us to consider what it is in human nature, or the American psyche, that makes us delight in the sight of painted, three dimensional animals p... [more]
Posted by Arlene Bogna on 7/1/08