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Nicholas Coroneos - sculpture of consideration

I was recently driving in a thriving, mostly immigrant, neighborhood of Los Angeles. While stopped at a light I saw the following sign: Tax Preparation /Travel Agency. It was not unified corporate branding by a long shot. It was, however, two businesses which the investment in a single computer might make possible. Categorically it was a funny space. No one likes taxes and everyone wants to go on vacation. A perfect case of opposites attract. It reminded me of the parings of surprising,... [more]
Posted by object-d'scribe on 6/11/13

Great Expectations

I have attended the last two solo shows from Otto Youngers at the LA Artcore Brewery Annex and they just blew my mind!  I can't wait to see what he comes up with next. He combines craftsmanship and concept the way they should be entwined to create fantastic artwork.  His political satire and wit are refreshing.  [more]
Posted by amypickles on 10/7/08

He Got Me At the Smell

The first thing that hits you upon entering Otto Youngers' exhibit at the LA Artcore Brewery Annex, is the smell.  Just a nanosecond before my eyes were filled with the wonder of Youngers' incredible installation, my nose recognized the earthy, spicy smell of wood.  Hints of cedar and pine transported me back to my youth in the Northwest.  I call this out because the presence of wood is relatively absent in our LA existence and I didn't realize how absent until I was faced with this room full... [more]
Posted by Artswriter on 11/8/08

Outstanding Work

The subject matter is profound, yet whimsical, the wood work is amazing, and the total experience of the show is transporting.  LA badly needs more shows of this caliber, and more shows by Otto Youngers.  I was very surprised to see that in the Northwest, his home, he has had fewer showings than in Asia!  What's up with that, Land of Trees?  I can't recommend this show and this artist highly enough. [more]
Posted by jamma on 11/11/08