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The Orgone Accumulators curated by Daniel Rolnik Opens Next Week!

Daniel let us know about a new show he's curated at bG Gallery in Santa Monica: "I don't know why I chose the artists in this show really, I can't deconstruct it in any logical way. It's a very illogical process. Maybe that's why I named the show The Orgone Accumulators. That's an illogical process too, but people swear by it. I tried to get an actual accumulator for the show, but no one would let me borrow theirs. I even emailed the museum in Maine and they sent me this super paranoid response... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 1/30/14

Metal cow pants

it is small but good. Joella March chose some good works to showcase.  my only complaint is too many crowded into a small area.  in some ways it works because she chose the smallest works from the collections of most of these Kenetic artists.  In other ways it doesn't work such as the suffaction of the light based works. 2 1/2 thumbs up out of 3 For longer more psychotic review NSFW [more]
Posted by hellishmundane on 7/16/10