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stARTup LA & Art Los Angeles Contemporary

Editors' Picks: Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2016

To remedy the fatigue of serial image consumption we're giving you something to chew over for the artists we've picked out from the 2016 edition of ALAC. Consume with a bit of context.


stARTup Co-founders on the Art Fair for Artists Without Representation

We spoke with the stARTup co-founders about the needs of unrepresented artists, how the fair fits into the LA scene, and the possibility of evolving new, alternative economic models for the art world.

ArtSlant Special Project and Panels at stARTup Art Fair LA

We partnered with the fair for artists to bring you two panels and a special project by LA artist, Jorge Mujica. Our first panel explores the world of independent publishing in LA and our second, moderated by Nathaly Charria of Top 40, will be a conversation about Women in Contemporary Art, looking at Pop-Culture, Collaboration, and Collecting.

It’s the Best of Times, It's the Worst of Times: Making the Political Palatable | Lauren McQuade

At 6:50 pm on opening night, a ladder is still out in the middle of the gallery floor. Frederick Guerrero stands nearby, co-founder of Slow Culture and co-organizer of the finale show at its current Highland Park spot, set to begin at his space in less than ten minutes: What A Time To Be Alive.

Ceramics and Concrete: A Material Fascination at ALAC 2016 

Day one at Art Los Angeles Contemporary, and there's a clear trend emerging for chunky, rough-looking ceramics and heavy concrete. Why?

Artists' Desks: Nick Aguayo | Jakob Kolding | Todd Gray

This week, we've invited three exhibiting artists at Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2016 to share what's on their desks, and explain why.

Artists' Desks: stARTup Art Fair LA

Last week, we peaked at a couple artists exhibiting at stARTup LA. Check out the desks of Dickson Schneider, Mitra Fabian, and Dana Zed.



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