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We are thrilled to present The ArtSlant Prize IX Winners Exhibition at SPRING/BREAK Art Show. The annual ArtSlant Prize, now in its tenth year, is a cash and exhibition award honoring emerging artists who critically engage with their medium and culture at large. The following essays explore how each of our winners engages with themes of reconciliation, post-national identity, and what it means to be a “bad woman.”




By Jessica Lanay

The journeying lines that dominate David Rios Ferreira’s two-dimensional assemblage works, like an EKG reading or the longitudinal and latitudinal lines in a map, are enchanted with the force of their potential. Each vector loops, and builds, like a vine; they fall into one another’s paths, creating rich dimensions in each drawing. Forged together with cartoony shapes in vibrant colors, they create top heavy, fantastical bodies of a creature akin to the vejigante: the Caribbean Carnival entity/mask/garb, specific to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, that entangles in its form West African and Indigenous influences. ...




By Joel Kuennen

In 1986, Sabato Visconti was a one-year-old baby when his parents brought him to Miami from São Paulo, Brazil, on a business visa. Baby Sabato was issued a social security card, “DO NOT EMPLOY” emblazoned on it in big red letters. His dad was a semi-precious gems dealer and came to run a booth in Sears, selling Brazilian tchotchkes, polished stones, and crystals with healing powers to the diverse people of Miami. Sabato and his parents would go back to São Paulo to visit family occasionally, renewing their visa along the way. They would import goods, sell them, and go back for more. In many ways, they were a mom and pop import operation for the newly globalized world, living the dream of owning a small business, working across national territories, facilitating trades of goods and culture, making enough money to raise their child. ...




By Alicia Eler

Somewhere along the way, we lost it. Maybe it was the election, which ended in a sociopath Twitter addict becoming our president, or perhaps it was the exhaustion that followed. Or maybe it’s just dealing with the business of living. Sometimes it is hard to tell.

Artist Katya Grokhovsky has been through it, and she’s come out the other side, but not in the way that you’d expect. Her discovery? A character she refers to as simply “Bad Woman,” an awkward, clumsy entity who wears a leopard print fur coat, chunky white mask, blonde wig, pink tights, and sandals. She has a stuffed blue bird permanently affixed to her left shoulder. The only available documentation of this woman in the “wild” was shot by Grokhovsky, in her parent’s backyard at home in Australia, where she grew up after emigrating from the Ukraine. ...



Check out daàPo reo's 5 Questions to learn about the artist selected as this year's Honorary Mention recipient.

For me, [my work]’s about rendering the texture of an experience as closely as possible, much more so than the aesthetic aspect of the work itself. I mean, obviously, I’m concerned with crafting something that doesn’t look too bad, but the way I see it, it’s like I’m skinning myself to clad you in it. Does it feel sticky in there? Too tight a fit, maybe? Yeah, wearing human tissue tends to feel that way. Joking aside, it’s okay; it’s not meant to be comfortable.




A very special THANK YOU to our amazing guest jurors this year:

Round 1: Nora KhanAlexis WilkinsonJessica Bell Brown

Round 2: Lior ZalmansonMeghan GordonTheresa Ganz

Round 3: Kerry DoranJunho LeeMiguel Leal Rios

Round 4: Julia GreenwayAnna LallaJohanna Caplliure

Round 5: Alex PaikWill HutnickPolina Stroganova

Round 6: Janet DeesMichelle LevyChris Cook

Round 7: Irene HofmannLeticia VilaltaBrigitta Varadi

Round 8: Ambre KellyAndrew Gori , Patton Hindle

Round 9: Malose MalahlelaNatalia ZuluagaNathaniel Hitchcock


ArtSlant Prize IX Exhibition


March 6–12, 2018, Booth 2231

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